Become a Kirami Reseller

Are you interested in becoming a Kirami Reseller? 

We are here to help, The Log Company represents Kirami here in the UK.

As well as our own brand building, wholesale and retail operations we are looking to work with like-minded companies who can help us grow the popularity of Kirami’s products.

Before signing up as a reseller we want to make sure your goals, capabilities and standards match Kirami’s own. We look for people who recognise what it takes to be a success and who are willing to invest the time, research and energy needed to give the customer the best possible service.

We’ll give you all the facts and tell you what you can expect to help determine if becoming a reseller is the right opportunity for you.

Before you apply you will need to make sure you can…

  • Dedicate a space to display at least 2 Medium size hot tubs (3m x 3m minimum per tub)
  • Have an existing retail, web or premises presence – or a plan to create one or all of these
  • Not sell other brands of wood fired hot tub
  • Be located in an area which is not covered by an existing reseller


Get in Touch for more information.