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Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Our eco-friendly wood-fired hot tubs are the perfect antidote to the stresses of daily life. They offer a great way to unwind, whether on your own, with family or friends. The crackle of the wood fire and soothing sensation of deep hot water guarantees a unique and relaxing experience.

The Log Company offer the largest range of Kirami hot tubs in the North of England. Kirami has a suitable hot tub for everybody. The Original, Comfort and Premium product lines include plenty of different size and material choices. You can find a suitable tub all the way from an original wooden tub to a modern composite panelled plastic tub. We also offer a unique ‘try before you buy’ hire service. Contact us to discuss you requirements and arrange to view or hire a beautiful wood fired hot tub.

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Our Hot Tubs

Wood Fired Hot Tubs

Hand-crafted from kiln-dried Siberian Larch, which is the material of choice due to its aesthetic beauty, durability, density and long lifespan, these eco-friendly wood-fired hot tubs are designed to blend in well with any outdoor environment and most importantly they are built to last. Larch also has a natural resistance to bacteria and moisture damage, which makes it the best possible material for a hot tub.

The bathing area is fitted with comfortable bench seating and is separated from the stainless steel log burning stove by a removable wooden guard. Locating the stove internally ensures the most efficient and safe transfer of heat for your bathing enjoyment. A set of steps allows for easy and safe access to the hot tub and a drinks holder means you can enjoy a tipple or two while bathing. Unlike electric hot tubs, no chemicals need to be added to the water which means no sensitive skin problems, and the water can safely be used to irrigate the garden afterwards.

Our eco-friendly hot tubs include a comprehensive list of desirable features as standard, as well as free delivery and setup within the region:

  • Siberian Larch tub
  • Internal stainless steel log burner with insulated lid handle
  • 2m tall twin wall, wood clad and steel banded flue pipe
  • 3 x stainless steel band tub construction
  • Wood-covered burner area with easily removable front guard for cleaning access
  • Set of steps
  • Stirring oar
  • Water temperature thermometer
  • Top rim decoration
  • 2 piece wooden cover
  • Ash trowel
  • High flow water outlet
  • 12 month warranty
  • Low running costs
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