Be prepared!

10th August 2023

Its never too early to start stocking up your fuel for winter, especially with our unpredictable British weather! Although summer isn’t over just yet, now is a good time to get your orders in to start filling up your fuel stores before the mad autumn rush. Whatever fuel you choose to heat your home, we can supply it. From log fuel, to wood pellets, smokeless coal and more.

Our dumpy bag choices are mixed hardwood, softwood, hobbit or birch, the most popular being our mixed hardwood dumpy bag. For a smaller log burner, our Hobbit logs are a smaller length of 8″ rather than the usual 10″.

If its wood pellets you prefer, our Biomass wood pellets are made from 100% pure virgin wood with no additives, are extremely clean and burn exceptionally well.⁠

Hot Ovoids is a fully approved ovoid which is authorised for use in Smoke Control Areas and England as well as being officially recognised by `Ready to Burn`. These can be used on Open Fires and Multi-fuel Stoves Hot Ovoids are one of our most popular fuels. They will give a very high heat output and last longer than traditional Household Coal. This fuel is very easy to light, will never spark when burning and produces little ash.

All of the above are in stock and ready to order for your free local designated delivery day. Place your order online or give our friendly office a call to speak to one of the team.