BIG plans for 2024?

18th January 2024

Are you wanting to make some big changes to your lifestyle this year? Maybe you want to upgrade your outdoor living space? Well, why not combine the two and achieve both together. Here at The Log Company we have a range of different brands and products that could add that wow factor to your home and enhance your lifestyle for 2024.

Like most of us at the start of a new year, the most common resolution is often to eat better, which usually involves being a little more creative and thoughtful with your cooking. Whether you want to eat cleaner or you simply want to change up your usual, go-to family meals, a Big Green Egg or an all American Traeger Grill might be the perfect solution. Yes, these are both a BBQ but they offer much much more than your standard BBQ with endless possibilities of what you can cook, roast, grill and even bake on them. Or, if you’re a fan of homemade stone baked pizzas, how about adding a weekly pizza night with your family and friends and whip up your own on a Delivita pizza oven? Get everyone involved and have fun with your food. Is there honestly anything better than delicious food enjoyed with the people you love?! Making the time for more moments like this really is, as they say, food for the soul.

So how about fitting your garden with an outdoor kitchen area? Staying at home and utilising our gardens and outdoor spaces has become more popular since the pandemic and rightly so. Our homes and gardens should be a happy, relaxing place that you are proud of. Create a space where you can truly immerse yourself in your cooking, become a master chef of whipping up unforgettable feasts for your loved ones and create more memories to treasure, all whilst soaking up nature in your own back garden.

If relaxation and well being is your focus this year, then how about creating your own at home outdoor spa and indulge yourself with a wood-fired hot tub or even an outdoor sauna? In the last few years, more and more people are opting to enjoy the social and health benefits of traditional Finnish bathing and sauna therapy at home, not just for themselves but for family and friends to reep the benefits too.

Here at The Log Company, we are very proud to be the head office of Kirami UK, the worlds largest manufacturer of wood-fired Hot Tubs and now Kirami FinVisionĀ® Saunas. Enjoy blissful evenings and soak or steam away the weekly stresses of work and general life and feel your lifestyle transform for the better, not just mentally but physically as well. Finnish culture believes that regular sauna use can increase your cardiovascular endurance and performance, increase circulation and decrease depression. Using a hot tub has many of the same benefits. Spending an evening or a few hours on a weekend under the steamy water of your hot tub, the heat will relax your muscles and release those feel good endorphins, just like a warm hug. Especially effective after playing a strenuous sport or after a long hike. Relax even further by adding some low lighting, soft music and a few scented candles and create pure tranquility all within your back garden. What could be better?

So if the above is just what you’re dreaming of, let us help you. If you feel you need a little guidance or even some extra inspiration, we have an expert team who would be very happy to help you navigate what might suit your goals and needs the best. Whether it be a friendly voice over the phone or a friendly face-to-face appointment in our North Yorkshire showroom, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and start achieving your dream lifestyle for 2024 today!