Give Softwood a Go

13th March 2018

In recent years there has been a move towards hardwood as the wood of choice for homeowners as softwood tends to have a reputation for producing too much resin in the chimney or smoking too much. But the truth is, if Softwood is dried properly to below 20% moisture content, it is actually brilliant for burning. We guarantee an average moisture content of 20% or less in all our logs and can highly recommend softwood logs. They will get your wood burning stove up to temperature extremely quickly which helps stove performance and increases the draw. Convenient to store and ready to burn, these logs are ideal for use in chimineas, fire pits or in our beautiful wood fired hot tubs. They also provide a strong, economical heat in wood burning stoves. Another benefit of softwood logs is they are much cheaper than hardwood logs at just £55 a bag. Why not give them a try?