Hobbit, Standard, Downton – which log size will you choose?

16th October 2017

Due to popular demand last winter, we introduced a new size of logs to our range. The hobbit log took its place next to our standard and Downton logs and has become on of our bestsellers. We received a lot of feedback from customers who were looking for something a little bit smaller than our standard sized logs to fit in the ever more fashionable smaller wood burners which are being installed across the country in homes, offices, eco lodges and shepherds huts. They are particularly popular in smaller holiday homes where a roaring fire adds a warm welcome but a small wood burner is enough to heat all the rooms in the house.

At just 8″ long, these logs are the perfect size for mini log burners and smaller fireplaces. At the other end of the scale we have our Downton logs which measure approximately 14″ long (compared to our 10″ standard) and are ideal for large open fireplaces where bigger logs will burn for longer and throw off impressive amounts of heat. We hope that with those three sizes we’ve ticked all the boxes and can provide all our customers with exactly the logs they need. It goes without saying that all our logs have the same guaranteed average moisture content of 20%, they are easy to store and arrive ready to burn.