A little bit about Kirami

22nd March 2019

We are proud to be Kirami resellers and stock the largest range of hot tubs in the North of England. If you haven’t come across Kirami before, let us tell you a bit more about what has made them the go-t0 manufacturer for exemplary Wood Fired Hot Tubs.

Finnish-based Kirami have over 18 years’ experience in the hot tub industry and during this time they have honed and perfected the design of each of their hot tubs to become the largest wood fired hot tub manufacturer in Europe with over 5,000 units sold annually.

Their goal is to make owning and using a hot tub as easy as possible. To have as an extensive a range as possible. And to make accessories and spare parts readily available.

The quality of their products is delivered by their skilled workforce, consisting of approximately 20 persons working at the Sastamala facility and 10 persons in their own aluminium shop.

They are also constantly searching for new long-lasting materials to use in their products and one of their most important criteria for choosing manufacturing materials is their recyclability.

Their reseller network has complete coverage in Finland, and their hot tubs are sold in Sweden, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Austria, Poland and Russia, among other countries. A few products have been delivered as far as New Zealand and Japan.