Log Burning Starter Pack

20th September 2016

If you’ve recently installed a log burner in your home in time for winter, we’ve got the perfect thing for you. Our Log Burning Starter Pack has everything you need to start you off with your new log burner including one bag of kiln dried hardwood logs, one bag of hardwood logs, 3 nets of kindling, 2 packs of firelighters and one of our fantastic medium sized log stores to keep your logs dry and neat. Our hardwood logs have a guaranteed average moisture content of 20% or less and our kiln dried hardwood logs have a guaranteed average moisture content of 15% or less which means they don’t spit and all the energy is converted into heat rather than used to dry out soggy logs. We pride ourselves on supplying only the very finest quality firewood. At only £289.00, this means a saving of £37.00 when bought individually and we will deliver for free within our free delivery area. Take a look for yourselves by clicking here.

If you are interested in buying one of our log stores but need one to fit a particular space, we can make one specially for you. We stock log stores in three different sizes and also have one specially designed to fit over a dumpy bag of logs but if none of these fit the bill, please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.