The Log Company is Woodsure Ready to Burn Certified

21st February 2020

Woodsure are the UK’s only woodfuel quality assurance certification scheme. They certify producers and traders of Woodchip, Firewood, Pellets and Briquettes. They do this by assessing the production process, testing products to industry standards and checking adequate controls are in place. The entire process is checked, from sourcing of timber through to delivery, ensuring the customer receives fuel their boiler can burn.

Their ‘Ready to Burn’ initiative is for wood log producers, having a distinct certification category for dry firewood logs where they are able to demonstrate through audit and fuel testing that the woodfuel they sell as ‘Ready to Burn’ is:

  • Less than 20% moisture content
  • Point of sale information, labelling and support provided

At The Log Company we always strive to ensure our products and services are of the best possible quality when considering both safety and experience. With recent news about the impending ban on most polluting fuels we are proud to share our Woodsure ‘ready to burn’ certification and promote having safer fuels.