Log Logistics

3rd March 2015

With logs there are logistics. We try our best to balance supplying customers on time with making our delivery routes as efficient as possible so we can keep our prices fair by minimising our fuel usage.

Our free delivery area is really quite huge and we visit a different area each day of the week. We go up to Durham, down to Harrogate, over to Redcar and all the way up Teesdale and Weardale as well as everywhere in between. We endeavour to do our best to place the logs where you want them; we have lifting equipment which means we can manoeuvre bags over walls and fences if necessary.

We don’t charge for delivery within this local area, and you can find out whether your home is within the boundary on our website.

If you live outside of our free delivery area, fear not! We have some great distribution partners who carry our logs across most of the UK, so whether you live in Perth or Plymouth, Snowdonia or Skegness, rest assured that, for a very reasonable price, you can have our logs delivered to your front door. Again, please see our website for a full map of our delivery areas.

Even though it means that we spend a lot of time in the truck, we love that we get to see so many of you every day on our delivery rounds!