Rock Salt Sale

16th November 2016

We don’t want any of our customers to feel unprepared for the cold winter ahead where pathways, doorsteps and driveways can quickly become dangerously slippy, so we have reduced our 25kg bags of rock salt from £7.50 to £6.00 each. This is brown conventional rock salt which will melt ice fast, help to give traction and can be conveniently delivered with your logs. Order now by following this link…/other-products/rock-salt-25kg

We are very proud of how our customer base and range of products have continued to grow. As well as logs, we also supply a range of log related products including fire lighting equipment, coal and Kadai firebowls. We also stock rock salt, coal, bio briquettes and wood burning stove accessories. 2015 saw the launch of our beautiful range of  wood-fired hot tubs. These Siberian larch tubs are built specifically to our design and are packed full of desirable features. They are not only fantastic value but also great fun and guarantee a very enjoyable and relaxing experience. We have them in stock to buy or alternatively you can hire one to add a bit of style and luxury to your event.