Summer Log-istics

27th April 2016

Now that May is just a few days away, we’ve changed over to our Summer timetable, just like we did last year. This means that your delivery day may change over the summer months but don’t worry, we will still be delivering logs every week. Have a little look below to see the changes:

If you used to receive your logs on a Monday, you will now get them on Friday.

If you used to receive your logs on Tuesday or Wednesday, you will now get them on Thursday.

Thursday and Friday deliveries will stay exactly the same.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or want to check where we deliver to each day.


We always receive positive feedback from clients that our logs are easy to light and burn well without spitting. This is because the quality of our logs is something we pride ourselves on; all our firewood has a guaranteed average moisture content of 20% or less and they will arrive at your doorstep ready to burn straight away. If you need somewhere to store them, have a look at our log stores.  In addition to our ever popular dumpy bags of hardwood, softwood and kiln dried logs, we also stock crates of kiln dried logs, barrow bags, nets of logs, kindling, firelighters, bio briquettes, Kadai firebowls, wood burning stove accessories and our fantastic wood fired hot tubs.


If you are looking for logs for a small wood burner in a summer holiday cottage, have a look at our hobbit logs which are perfect for this.