Why burn softwood & hardwood together?

10th November 2023

Are you a softwood burner or a hardwood burner? Have you ever considered mixing the two together for a better burn?

We are often asked what the difference is between softwood and hardwood and which one is better for burning, especially by those who are new to log burning. Well the answer is simple, BOTH! No type of wood is better than the other. They both offer very different burning styles and a lot of it is down to personal preference. However, if you combine the two together, you’ll get an even better burn!

What makes it burn better I hear you ask? Well the benefits of burning softwood will typically give you a quicker and more intense burn, making it the best wood to get a fire started quickly. Whereas burning hardwood will give you a slower and hotter burn and is best for keeping a fire burning, due to hardwood trees being more energy-dense. Put the two together and you’ll be warm and cosy all winter with logs to spare come spring.

So for this years winter stock, we have been recommending to our customers that they purchase one dumpy bag of each, one softwood and one hardwood and burn them together. Why not give this a try and order yours online before the frosty mornings creep in.