Why buy a wood-fired hot tub?

21st August 2023


The last few years have given many people in the UK and around the world more reason than ever to make the most of their outdoor spaces and the time they spend with loved ones.

Wood-fired hot tubbing has been an environmentally friendly, energy efficient, safe and relaxing activity enjoyed by many over the years. Especially when bathing in a deep tub with no jets, you can truly enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility and feel your daily stresses melting away. Just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy the warmth and the quiet.

The concept of heating bathing water with fire is certainly not a new one but a very traditional one. Wood-fired hot tubs have a rich historical background and go back centuries, dating back to Japanese and Scandinavian traditions. Nowadays, we are ran by technology and live such busy lives, wood-fired hot tubs offer a serene retreat from the fast-paced modern world we’ve all become accustomed to. Finnish based Kirami are passionate to carry on the ancient tradition and reintroduce it to the world. As the UK home of Kirami Hot Tubs, here at the The Log Company, we are also just as passionate about this style of hot tubbing and the many benefits they offer.

Cost Effective

As well as the initial purchase price being lower than your average electric hot tub, the cost to maintain a wood-fired tub is, 9 times out of 10, the main attraction and the reason our customers make the switch from electric to wood-fired. You simply chose the right tub to suit your needs, get set up, pop in the water, stoke up the fire and away you go. Once you’re finished bathing and drain the water until your next bathe, you can relax even further with the peace of mind of knowing that the tub isn’t costing you anything whilst sat unused.

Other than replenishing your log fuel and water, there may be the odd component that may need replacing over time but as long as you clean and care for your tub, we can guarantee you’ll enjoy many years of relaxation in a Kirami Hot Tub.

Bathe Anywhere

Being completely fueled by a renewable energy source such as firewood, Kirami hot tubs can be set up and enjoyed anywhere you want, making them completely off-grid. This is why they are immensely poplar amongst the glamping industry and continue to become more and more in demand every year. Whether you want to bathe in the middle of a forest, in a countryside field or even along a coastline cliff edge looking out to sea, a wood-fired hot tub can go anywhere!

Timeless Appeal

Bathers can completely immerse themselves in the therapeutic benefits of warm water all whilst reconnecting with nature. Their timeless and captivating style make them a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Add in the aromatic scent of burning wood from the crackling fire and you’ve got a sensory experience like no other. If you’re looking for a natural and enchanting way to relax and unwind, a Kirami wood-fired hot tub is an investment that will provide years of blissful outdoor bathing and will most certainly create lasting memories.