Wood-Fired Hot Tubs are coming

23rd March 2015

We have an exciting announcement to make. We’ve been working on this project for a while now, and we’re delighted to be able to share it with you in more detail. We will soon have fantastic wood-fired hot tubs available for both hire and sale!

After a lot of deliberation we have chosen to stock beautiful wooden hot tubs which are handcrafted out of the highest quality Siberian larch.

Looking a bit like the bottom of an old fashioned barrel (in a really good way), these fantastic hot tubs are powered by our kiln-dried softwood logs and so don’t require an external power source. They seat 4-6 people comfortably, and only take a few hours to heat up and retain their heat overnight. What’s more, they are really environmentally friendly, as unlike many other hot tubs, they don’t require chemicals to be added, only using fresh water which can be recycled on your plants or lawn!

With the weather getting warmer, we can think of nothing better than relaxing in your very own private hot tub with your friends and family. They are great for summer parties, or why not give your camping experience an upgrade?

We provide linseed oil to preserve the external wood and enhance the natural appearance. They come complete with matching wooden steps, a drinks holder, thermometer, an oar to stir the water around with and a wooden lid.

Because we use specialised lifting equipment to deliver our logs, we are able to move the hot tubs around easily, so even if you want it installing in a remote location (perhaps in woodland or at the top of your favourite hill) we can probably accommodate it!

The tubs are fuelled by our very own kiln-dried softwood logs. You can simply arrange fuel deliveries in exactly the same way you order your winter logs from us, enjoying the same great service and quality.

Pricing, hire and sale options will be available from late April.