Filtration System

680 gallon Skimatic Filter Pump

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  • Large capacity tank sucks in floating leaves and other debris
  • Automatic filtration and cleaning
  • No additional hoses or adaptors needed
  • Uses 58012 filter cartridge III
  • About 68O  gal Skimatic Filter Pump

    This filtration pump simply plugs into your mains electricity and clips to the side of your hot tub. Turn it on and see as it removes floating leaves and other debris from your hot tub.

    Compatible with all hot tubs except steel wall pools, the Skimatic Filter Pump can filter an impressive 680 gallons per hour, leaving your pool debris free and ready for your next swim. Utilising its automatic filtration and cleaning technology, the pump has been designed to work quietly so you will hardly know it is operating. No additional hoses or adaptors are required for it to operate, and instead boasts a minimalistic design with stylish colouring.

    Using the 58012 Filter Cartridge III, its large chamber is able to capture everything from leaves to bugs which may find their way into your pool, giving you more time to enjoy your pool when the hot weather arrives! Choose the Flowclear™Skimatic Filter Pump for your Bestway® pool to keep your pool water in pristine condition and debris free. Not compatible with steel wall pools. For use with 1,100‑20,500 L (300‑5,400 gallons) pools.

  • Weight 30 kg
    Dimensions 8 cm


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