Kirami Wood Fired Hot Tub Heaters

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All Kirami hot tub heaters are manufactured in our own production facility out of high-quality AlMg3 marine aluminium, which boasts excellent thermal conductivity. Each and every one of our hot tub heaters is pressure tested before going on sale.

Our range of heaters is sure to satisfy your every preference and need, and includes both internal and external heaters.

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A range of heater accessories are also available. Please ask us for details.

The external heaters, manufactured by Kirami, are high-quality and easy to use. Use kindling to light dry firewood that has been chopped into small pieces. Keep the temperature hot to produce less visible smoke. The heating is at its most efficient when the tub is covered and the fire in the heater is as hot as possible.

Ensure that there are no flammable materials in front of or under the fire chamber. The heater will not heat up above the water temperature as the stove is surrounded by a water jacket. Make sure that there is enough water in the tub.


Easy to use hot tub sustaining heater and filter combo. The unit consist of electric heater, circulation pump, filter and user panel. The idea is to maintain the set temperature in the tub easily and with low cost. Maintaining the temperature costs tens pence per day depending of the outside temperatures. The water in the tub stays usable for a long period of time with the integrated filter when you use the needed chemicals in the tub. The filter is easily changeable cartridge. Wanted temperature is set on the user panel and thermostat controls the temperature. Electric heating is a good option when firewood heating is not possible.

Filtration is always running while heating and also with timer every day even if no heat is needed.

System is built inside a nice metallic casing that has inlet and outlet for water and user panel on the other end. The device has a 2kW heater and can be used with 10A electric connection. The cord has a built in fault current protection device. The device is delivered with two valves and two hose connectors for 38mm ID hose. Filter connection kit may also be required at a cost of £35+VAT

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