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Preloved & New In Stock Wood Fired Hot Tubs

£3,290.00 (ex VAT £2,741.67)

Prices for new Kirami wood-fired hot tub packages start at £3,290 inc VAT.

We often have over 80+ new tubs in stock with a range of options and accessories to choose from.

These hot tubs are often available at short notice and at the best prices.

Please also note, we have a brand new feature on every hot tub product page with a hot tub builder to help choose exactly what you need…

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*Pre-loved Wood Fired Hot Tubs at Forcett Grange, North Yorkshire*

Our stock of preloved hot tubs is always changing. Please contact us to discuss what we have available now and coming up in the future.

Comfort Family M
*Ex Show Display* 1 Available: MACU heater, Thermowood exterior, Ocean Blue Interior, Stepin Steps, Premium Cover, Thermometer, Ash Shovel & Adjustable Air Vent. Includes UK mainland delivery. Please ask for photos 2022
£4,607 inc VAT after 15% OFF
Stock Number: P221400
Year: 2022
Condition: Excellent
Available: Now

*Brand New and In Stock Wood Fired Hot tubs at Forcett Grange, North Yorkshire*

In Stock Now

  • Tiny CULT, Thermowood, StoneGrey
  • Breezy M CULT, DarkWalnut, LightGrey
  • Breezy M CULT, CoalBlack, LightGrey
  • Hazy M CULT, CoalBlack, CasualGrey
  • Hazy M CULT, DarkWalnut, CasualGrey
  • Family M CULT, CoalBlack, StoneGrey/LightGrey
  • Family M CULT, Thermowood, SoftBeige
  • Family M CULT, Thermowood, StoneGrey
  • Steady M MACU, Thermowood, CasualGrey
  • Woody M CUBE, Thermowood
  • Woody Tiny MICU, Thermowood

Showroom @ Forcett Grange, North Yorkshire – Display Stock

  • Tiny CULT, Thermowood, LightGrey
  • Breezy M CULT, DarkWalnut, LightGrey
  • Hazy M CULT, CoalBlack, CasualGrey
  • Family M MACU, Thermowood, SoftBeige
  • Family L CUBE CoalBlack, OceanBlue
  • Kirami FinVision Small Sauna, DeepBlack Harvia Glow Corner 6.8kW heater
  • Kirami FinVision Terrace Medium
  • Tiny Dual Tub with Poolican Air-source heat pump, cool to 5°C or heat up to 40°C.

Upgrade options available with eligible packages:

  • ABS Cover to Premium insulated cover (M sized hot tub packages – Tiny and L tubs are inclusive of Premium insulated covers)
  • Heater upgrade (available on Family M & L – Steady M – Woody M, L & XL)
  • Steps upgrade (available on all hot tub packages)
  • LED lights (available on all LDPE plastic-lined hot tubs apart from Family M & L StoneGrey lining)

Showroom @ Woodhouse Eaves, Leicestershire – Display Stock

  • Tiny CULT, Thermowood, LightGrey
  • Woody Tiny MICU, Thermowood
  • Family M CULT, Thermowood, Beige
  • Hazy M CULT, CoalBlack, CasualGrey

Showroom @ BelloramaWiltshire – Display Stock

  • Tiny CULT, Thermowood LightGrey
  • Chill M MICU, CoalBlack, StoneGrey
  • Breezy M CULT, DarkWalnut, LightGrey

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  • Weight 10 kg

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  • Smaller items will be delivered using royal mail, courier or palleted delivery and priced accordingly. Hot tub & sauna delivery costs will depend on the following, which are set as options during checkout. If uncertain which apply please contact us before placing your order.

    • The width of the access to the hot tub or sauna location.
    • Whether the location is accessible via road or driveway.
    • The number of locations if multiple products are ordered.
    • Whether product installation is also required.