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Exciting new product package, to go perfectly with your FinVision Sauna. This set comes with: black sauna pail, ladle, thermometer and sand timer.


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  • The Rento Black Anodised Aluminium Sauna Accessories Set includes a sauna ladle, sauna bucket and a sauna thermometer.

    Rento’s aluminium buckets and ladles are made of colour-anodised aluminium and heat-treated bamboo. The sauna bucket and sauna ladle are designed for the application of water to the sauna stones whilst sauna bathing. The ladle can also be used for adding sauna scents onto the sauna stones for a pleasant aroma. The matching sauna thermometer is an ideal way to monitor the sauna temperature.

    Product Specification:

    Sauna Bucket:
    Volume: 5 Litre
    Height: 20/35 cm
    Diameter: 23 cm
    Colour: Black Aluminium with Heat-treated Bamboo handle

    Sauna ladle:
    Length: 43 cm
    Colour: Black Aluminium with Heat-treated Bamboo handle

    Well taken care of, the buckets and ladles will keep in excellent condition for a long time. Make sure to empty them after use and do not leave them in a hot, humid sauna. Clean the surfaces if necessary with mild, soapy water, using a soft sponge or brush.

    Sauna Thermometer
    Size 15x14x3cm
    Colour: Black Aluminium

    Sand Timer – WxHxD approx. 60x320x35 mm weight approx. 345 g

    Attractive turnable sand timer made of wood with printed minute scale and a glass cylinder filled with sand. The product comes with a bracket that allows you to mount it onto the wall whilst still allowing you to rotate it.

    Running time 15 mins, with a wooden bar across the glass cylinder for extra safety and shaped with rounded corners and edges


  • Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 42.5 × 9.5 × 6.5 cm


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    • The width of the access to the hot tub or sauna location.
    • Whether the location is accessible via road or driveway.
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    • Whether product installation is also required.

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