How to Choose Your Perfect Hot Tub package

8th March 2022

How to Choose Your Perfect Hot Tub Package

Looking to purchase a wood-fired hot tub but not sure which package is right for you? With so many options and features to consider, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out which tub will suit you and your needs. We have put together a handy guide to help you decide on what your own wood-fired hot tub experience will look like and ultimately make the perfect selection…

How many bathers?

The first question you should ask yourself is “how many people will I be sharing the hot tub with?” S tubs are designed for 1-2 bathers, M tubs are designed for 4-6 bathers, L tubs are designed for 6-8 bathers and XL tubs are designed for 8-12 bathers – however, the choice is up to you ultimately. In this case, size really does matter!
Bathers for each hot tub are as follows:
Tiny S: 1-2 bathers
Woody Tiny S: 1-2 bathers
Chill M: 3-4 bathers
Family M: 3-5 bathers
Breezy M: 4-6 bathers
Hazy M: 4-6 bathers
Steady M: 4-6 bathers
Pearly M: 4-6 bathers
Woody M: 4-6 bathers
Premium Woody M: 4-6 bathers
Woody L: 6-8 bathers
Premium Woody L: 6-8 bathers
Family L: 6-8 bathers
Woody XL: 8-12 bathers
Grandy XL: 8-12 bathers

Who are the bathers?

The next question you should ask yourself is “who is going to be using the hot tub?” If members of your family are elderly, children or have mobility issues, they will benefit from steps into the hot tub i.e., Steady M or Family M.
Our range of Family hot tubs are specifically designed to take the needs of children, elderly people, and less able-bodied members into account by ensuring that getting in and out of the hot tub is as easy and safe as possible.

Which wood do you choose?

Historically, Red Cedar was the go-to wood of choice for outdoor living products. Whilst this is still a popular option, Thermowood and Stained Spruce are also fantastic exteriors that are included in our Kirami hot tub packages.
Our exterior materials are as follows:
• Stained Spruce (ST) – natural stained spruce panels, with a beautiful brown tint that looks good for a long time
• Thermowood (TW) – original, natural heat-treated pine panels in a beautiful warm brown shade
• Red Cedar (RC) – multi-hued wood that becomes darker over time into an even grey hue, top quality rot resistance
• Metal, Copper (ME) – develops an elegant green patina over time, requires no effort or maintenance
• Metal, Black (ME) – stainless and waterproof, requires no maintenance
• Brushed Grey (BG) – vivid grey tone, created when the surface of Thermowood is brushed with steel brushes and then painted
• EcoPlank (EP) – durable panels made out of recycled plastic with a smooth surface, requires no maintenance
• EcoStripes (ES) – durable panels made out of recycled plastic with a grooved surface, requires no maintenance

Which heater should you choose?

All our Kirami hot tub heaters are made from high-grade AIMg3 marine aluminium, which is an excellent heat conductor. Every heater is pressure-tested for leakages before leaving the factory.
All our hot tubs have been paired with heaters to form packages. Packages from the Premium and Comfort tub range also have the option to upgrade their heater – especially popular for commercial properties. All packages are designed with a heater to get to temperature in 2-3 hours, providing the insulated cover is on, and kiln-dried or very dry logs are being used.

On page 32 of the Kirami catalogue, you will find a very useful table with all heaters, which hot tubs they are paired to and further information.

Wooden or plastic interior?

This all depends on how authentic you want your wood-fired hot tub experience to be. If you choose a wooden interior, the warm water releases a wonderful wooden aroma for ultimate relaxation.
Our Kirami plastic lined hot tubs are of top Finnish quality. Each hot tub has an LDPE (low-density polyethylene) plastic liner with wooden exterior – maintaining the look of an original wooden hot tub but making it much easier to clean.
The benefits of plastic tubs include great hygiene and cleanliness. Dirt and impurities easily wash away from the smooth inner surface, which requires no maintenance. The inner surface does not peel even after many years of use, staying neat and clean year after year. The plastic is UV-protected, environmentally friendly, and recyclable.

Our plastic interior options are as follows:

• Light Grey – a slightly translucent velvety smooth dotted light grey, trendy and timeless, suitable for all environments
• Ocean Blue – velvety smooth ocean blue dotted colour with a translucent surface
• Casual Grey – translucent grey, stylish and aesthetic, suitable for many environments
• Caramel Beige – warm caramel-toned beige, slightly translucent
• Stone Grey – soft vivid grey, timelessly elegant, blends in beautifully with the environment
• Champagne – clear glossy champagne colour, elegant and magnificent
• Polar Blue – fresh translucent blue, calms and relaxed the mind
• Soft Beige – neutral translucent dotted beige, stylish and velvety smooth

Kirami’s Perfect Product Selector

Kirami’s product selector makes finding the perfect hot tub easy and fun. Simply download the app and away you go!
Firstly, browse Kirami’s range of superior hot tubs and choose the hot tub and heater that best suit you. Next, you can compare the interior and exterior materials available for the hot tub of your choice. Try out different options and combinations and visually see what your hot tub will look like.

After finding a suitable hot tub and materials, you can see what the hot tub would look like in your garden. On the phone screen, move the image of your chosen hot tub to its intended location and take a picture. This is a convenient way of showing your plans to family members and friends.

Finish your hot tub by adding accessories, such as steps or drink holders. The system will always suggest accessories that are suitable for the package you have selected. Once you’re happy with your chosen tub, simply fill in your information and send us a request for a quotation!

Call us on 01748 889303 to find out more, book a showroom appointment, or place an order.