Kirami Original FinVision® Sauna


Kirami’s Original FinVision sauna is a product of high-quality craftsmanship. The sauna is already surface-treated; it is made out of durable Finnish spruce timber. The sauna interior exudes a cosy atmosphere that relaxes all bathers. The big window brings the nature close to the bather.

The Sauna is a complete module which has everything needed. You can place it on top of firm and level foundation made from gravel, decking or paving.

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  • In addition to the beautiful Kirami wood-fired hot tubs, we also stock the fantastic FinVision® saunas. In Finland, saunas and hot tubs regularly sit side by side; aesthetically they complement each other perfectly and they also work in harmony to offer extreme luxury.

    The compact sauna building brings a welcome dose of opulence to everyday life whilst the stunning glass wall is the jewel in the sauna’s crown. The choice of colours for the sauna’s exterior follows the same colour options as the hot tubs, ensuring that they look perfect when placed together.

    Kirami’s FinVision sauna combines exemplary craftsmanship with seamless design, resulting in a luxurious and comfortable setting in which to unwind. Hand crafted from surface-treated plain sawn Finnish spruce and spruce plywood and finished with a large tempered glass window and stylish LED lighting, the cosy atmosphere encourages relaxation, whilst the window allows the sauna users to feel at one with nature.

    The Sauna is a complete module which has everything needed. You can place it on top of firm and level foundation made from gravel, decking or paving.

    Beautiful and Compact

    The sauna is extremely roomy on the inside but compact from the outside, making it perfect for small spaces. Its base is 2.3m x 2.3m and with the roof it is 2.65m high. The sauna is designed for 4-6 people so it’s perfectly suitable for smaller and larger parties.

    The light grey benches and sauna’s dark interior contrast each other impeccably, demonstrating the style and precision of the well-thought-through design. A tempered glass door and window allows light to flood the sauna, emphasising the roominess once you are inside. LED-lights add to the ambience.

    The sauna can be ordered with either electric or wood heated heaters which are produced by Harvia, Kirami’s Finnish parent company. It takes approximately one hour for the sauna to heat up to the optimum temperature.

    You can carry the logs needed for the wood fired heater with Kirami’s stylish firewood carrier which matches the colours of the Sauna.

    Sauna and Hot Tub – a match made in heaven

    In Finland, saunas and hot tubs are normally inseparable. It is rare to see one without the other and the combined use of both results in the most ideal way to relax. We recommend making the most of the heat in the sauna before cooling down outside of it and then taking a long soak in a warm hot tub to relax. The accompanying crackle of the burning logs and the welcoming smell of wood smoke will add to the experience. Combining a sauna and a hot tub makes the perfect addition to any party or event. We suggest placing them close together to make transferring between them as simple and effortless as possible.

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    Kirami FinVision Sauna

    • Size:
      • Width 2.3 m
      • Length 2.3 m
      • Height 2.625 m
      • Weight 1,000 kg
    • Seating capacity 4–6 people
    • Made out of Spruce plywood and plain sawn spruce
    • Colours: grey (plain sawn spruce), dark grey (spruce plywood), light grey (benches)
    • Glass wall and door are tempered glass
    • LED-lightning
    • Pricing starts with the electric 6 or 9 kW heaters through to the woodfired heater.
    • Heaters are made by Harvia in Finland. 
      • Electric sauna heater: Harvia Cilindro XE 9kW
      • Wood-fired sauna heater: Harvia Legend 240
      • Low emission wood-fired sauna heater: Harvia Legend 240 ‘GreenFlame’

    For up to date pricing on each model please see the main Kirami Price List pdf on the Wood Fired Hot Tub home page

    The delivery and installation are included within the UK. The lifting of the sauna from our vehicle to where it is to be sited is at the customers cost. Typically a forklift or telehandler is most suitable. We can supply pallet tine extensions. A site visit may be required with a quotation provided.

  • Weight 1000 kg
    choose a heater

    electric heater, woodfired heater



  • Smaller items will be delivered using royal mail, courier or palleted delivery and priced accordingly. Hot tub & sauna delivery costs will depend on the following, which are set as options during checkout. If uncertain which apply please contact us before placing your order.

    • The width of the access to the hot tub or sauna location.
    • Whether the location is accessible via road or driveway.
    • The number of locations if multiple products are ordered.
    • Whether product installation is also required.

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