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Large Dumpy Bag of Kiln Dried UK Hardwood Logs

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Our most popular product, a large builders dumpy bag full to the brim with mixed species kiln dried UK hardwood logs, all cut to an average of 10 inches or 25cm in length.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all our logs have a guaranteed average moisture content of 20% or less. We know how important it is to buy firewood which burns well, doesn’t spit and is economical so all our logs go through a strict quality and kiln drying process before they arrive at your door.  They are convenient to store and arrive ready to burn. We never sell wood by weight because the wetter the wood, the heavier it is so the loose filled volume of our dumpy bags is approximately 0.8m3 per bag and we fill the bags right to the brim.

These logs are perfect for open fires, not too large, hardwood so minimal risk of spitting and produced from species which will not burn too quickly.

Discounts are available for 2+ bag orders and we welcome the opportunity to supply hospitality and wholesale customers. Nationwide delivery is also available for £50 per bag. Please see our delivery area map.

BSL Authorisation Number: BSL0528607-0001

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