Premium Original Kindling Cracker Bundle

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Order our premium bundle and receive a Kindling Cracker Original, a practical cover and a quality sledgehammer.

Kindling Cracker ™ is the award-winning firewood splitter that makes it easy and safe to split wood. Perfect for those with a wood burner, fireplace, or pizza oven. Kindling Cracker is a wood splitter anyone can use, both young and old, small and big. With hundreds of thousands sold units worldwide, the Kindling Cracker has quickly become the new go-to tool for splitting firewood.

About the Hammer

Fandango Fire Tools has partnered with German manufacturer Picard, one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of hammers to ensure customers a hammer of exceptionally high quality to accompany their Kindling Cracker.

It has a forged steel head and hickory shaft. The polished striking faces are powder-coated and the varnished handle offers water and dirt resistance.

The weight and length of this model are carefully considered to match the design of the Kindling Cracker.

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