Kindling Cracker King Premium Bundle

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Order our premium bundle and receive a Kindling Cracker King, a practical cover, a quality sledgehammer and a box of 24 flamers.

The patented Kindling Cracker KING is almost twice as big as the Kindling Cracker Original. You can split firewood that is both longer and wider. Perfect for your wood burning stove and fireplace. Kindling Cracker is a firewood splitter anyone can use, both young and old.

About the Hammer

Fandango Fire Tools has partnered with German manufacturer Picard, one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of hammers to ensure customers a hammer of exceptionally high quality to accompany their Kindling Cracker.

It has a forged steel head and hickory shaft. The polished striking faces are powder-coated and the varnished handle offers water and dirt resistance.

The weight and length of this model are carefully considered to match the design of the Kindling Cracker.

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